How do I make an Impression with advertising?

Generally the first rule for any good business relationship to work is, there has to be based upon some ground rules:

Just knowing someone is not enough, you have to know them to like them, then you have to like them to trust them.

Once you have established these foundations, then you can move forward.

So like any good structure from the first time we meet, we will be building upon these ideals.

There will be no expensive meetings to take you away from your business and out of the office.

You will deal with the one organisation who can handle and address all your businesses need & concerns. One which will come and meet with you in your environment & workplace, we want to meet you in your workplace so we can see first hand, how things are done, and how things are run and operate.

Whether your business is just starting out or you have been established for sometime, the chances are, your marketing and advertising questions are the same as everyone else's.

How do I get to more of my potential customers, How do I  increase my productivity and in turn increase my sales?

How do I get the consumer to understand what my business is all about, my sale times, how do my potential customers get in contact with me?

How can I increase awareness about my business, my location, operating hours, product range or personalised service?

Where do I start? which way do I turn?

Well firstly ask yourself this:

Do you know who your core target customers are? Their sex? their age?  & their buying habits?

Do you know if you are currently speaking to these customers or are you missing out on potential customers through sending mixed messages?

These are some of the most common questions asked by any business trying to find its niche in the market place.

At Broker rocheR we can get you started. Whether its producing a 15 or 30 second commercial, catchy or captivating jingle, We can creatively come up with the strategies to make you stand out from the pack and then 'help you make an impression!'

We can assist you in the implimentation and design of your commercial, so your customers can get a better understanding of the products and services you provide.

We can align your marketing communication with an effective radio campaign, linking it directly with your website, thus creating a clear and united message. We can even provide you with messages on hold , so your customers will never miss an opportunity to hear more about you.

Regardless the period of time your business has been established can you do better?, we at Broker rocheR can cater to your specific needs. Do you know if your current form of advertising is even the in right medium for your business?

I have seen businesses whom have been advertising in local press for a number of years and doing quite well, But then all of sudden they get introduced into another medium and their sales have skyrocketed, could this be you?.

At Broker rocheR we will delve into these questions and more, to ultimately find the best solutions to your specific businesses requirements.

It's an advertising campaign built from the ground up and it allows you to take control of your business, as well as plan for today, and for the future.

We understand that most businesses are time poor. We understand that there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get all the things done that require you to make your business more profitable and equally more successful. We also understand that the consumer can come from anywhere in the media landscape and this why it's important to get the right information from you, so then together we can market and capture these people.

We come out and meet with you, to get a better understanding of your business and what you require from your advertising.  More importantly we get a clear indication of the message you want to portray to your potential customer.

Once we receive the brief, we will then get to work on delivering you a package that best suits the individual needs.

We can get you involved in Media Buying and we use a multitude of different platforms in order to help you deliver your message, Radio, Billboard & Print media are just a few of the available options but we look at them all and help you find which best suits your business, Why don't you have a look at, What's the next step?