How can Broker rocheR help my business?

As the Managing Director and Owner of Broker rocheR I bring to the table in excess of 13 years experience as a Media Advisor/Account Manager. I studied Marketing and E-commerce at Swinburne University in 1999, before moving into the highly competitive field of refreshment promotion.

Employed by one of Australia's biggest brand names, Cadbury Schweppes, in association with their subsiduary companies Bonlac Foods and Spring Valley, I was fortunate enough to gain 3 years experience working on the logistics, planning and implimentation of their marketing strategies for their vending machines. In many instances we found ourselves in direct competition with another world market leader, Coca-Cola. So I'm well versed in creating tactical strategies to provide the consumer with an alternative decision when purchasing.

I then sort to hone my interpersonal skills by operating as a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer in the St Kilda, Elwood, Brighton and Middle Park areas. This was a wonderfully insightful experience, enabling me to mediate between Vendor's and Purchaser's, ensuring a positive outcome for all.

In more recent roles before opening up BrokerrocheR, I' had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients. Advising them the most approriate course of action to take when promoting their business and talking to their desired markets. Strategies for both short and long term for SME business and corporations alike.

I love to show businesses how they can align themselves with the different types of promotional activities out in the market place not just their marketing and advertising but also how to incorporate these opportunities into their hospitality and entertainment requirements.

In radio I have had the pleasure of working in a wide range of genres. From the over 50's demographic at 1377 3MP between 2004-05 and then vt 1116 SEN from 2005-07 with their focus on the working tradies (both stations owned by Radio Pacific Star). All the way through (2008-2009 )to Austereo which owns both 105.1 Triple M and the iconic 101.9 FOX FM in Melbourne, both stations with a following of more than 1.2 million people.

Working at Melbourne's most respected radio stations provided incredible opportunities to plan and execute the most exciting projects on offer. All with a vast array of spectacular talent at my finger tips. These skills and contacts  I am now able to adapt and apply to your business.


Over the last 4 years (2010 - 2014) BrokerrocheR has been the driving force behind the That's Good for Footy, Sport & Cricket shows which are now produced and edited and broadcast on C31 Community TV. This has been a huge task undertaken by BrokerrocheR and my team, We have been able to deliver a program that is placed in primetime programming on C31 TV and is done so in a very limited window of opportunity, we produce the Live shows and within 24 hours have edited the LIVE show ready for broadcast, So we know all about pressure and constraints and even with this, we have been able to produce a program of the highest quality standard and has a following of over 120,000 people per week which also became the highest rating program of 2014 on C31 TV.


So in saying this, We beleive that a SME business should be looked after by a SME agency that way you know you will be attended to and looked after in a way that makes you feel comfortable secure & respected..