What are the next steps to advertising?

It's not rocket science...but there is a method and a process that ensures you get it right. Your advertising campaign should encompass key elements including what you want to say and how you want to say it.

*This is just an overview of the step by step processes which will take place.

Step 1: Is to arrange a meeting at your place of business and obtain from you a brief. What’s a brief ?

A brief is what you can tell us about your business. An understanding of your marketing goals and strategies. Where the business is now and where you want it to be in the future. It's also when you express your expectations, set the size of your budget and clarify your desired results.

Step 2: We then ascertain who your target audience is, how best to reach them and what costs will be associated with running a campaign that speaks to them. We then take away this information, do some research into your brand, your competitors and the challenges you face within your field.

Step 3: Once your core target customer has been identified, we can align your business with the media that best reaches this demographic.  We then identify the who, what, when and where's that will give you the most positive outcome for your campaign.

Step 4: At this point we present these findings to you, discuss where we suggest the allocation of you advertising dollar should be directed.

Step 5: And then once established and agreed upon we put all of this activity into action.  Activity may be, but is not limited to; Production which covers creative, scripts, copywriting, voiceovers, jingles and placement of commercials.* Please note prior payment of all advertising & production is required before proceeding.

Step 6: Once final drafts of scripts and schedules are approved, you will receive a schedule of advertising placements, prior to the campaigns launch, so you can keep track of all associated activities.

Step 7: Throughout the campaign we stay in close contact and assess all aspects as they unfold. Our goal is to make sure you are getting results, and that the results reflect your expectations set out in our first meeting.

Step 8: If we're meeting your expectations and you're happy with the progress of your initial campaign, we can then focus on the direction you would like to take the business from that point and beyond.

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