What packages are available ?

The panel shows can have any number of personalities involved in the shows, Who is on your panel show is only dependent upon the Budget you have.

The panel shows range from Premium, Economy to Budget style packages, It is important to note that as each booking may differ between the requirements for each function or venue, so to will the prices for each show to reflect this.

Each booking that is made is made to order  .  .  .  .  .although in saying this

The most common package chosen is a Premium package:

With a Premium package you receive an MC & a Comedian as well as 2 x AFL Footballer's either past or present. (past or present again is dependent upon your budget).

With an Economy package you receive an MC & a Comedian as well as 1 x AFL Footballer again either past or present.

A Budget package entitles you to an MC & a Comedian or AFL Footballer in place of either.

An option also is to do the Secured Bond package.

The Secured Bond package works like this:

Whatever show you choose to do with whatever talent a 50% deposit of the cost of that show is required to be deposited into the BrokerrocheR trust account 7 days prior to the event. and it is kept as a surety and a promise from the hirer, event coordinator, club, venue or sporting organisation (*other party) that they will  forfeit this money should they not get the numbers required for the nights success. meaning that if BrokerrocheR takes only door sales the (*other party) will make monies from the Bar & Meals plus proceeds from both the Raffles & Memorabilia provided for the event.

should the (*other party) not fulfil their obligation to make the night a success BrokerrocheR will keep the 50% deposit and also any monies made from the door on the night.

If the (*other party) meets the requirements then Brokerrocher will now only have the rights to the takings from the door. And the venue will keep all the profits from the Bar & Meals as well as proceeds from raffle & memorabilia, and the surety will be given back to the venue in the form of an EFT.

In relation to the cost of tickets to the event this will be a discussion between BrokerrocheR and (*other party) and then calculated as to the profitability for both parties and then signed off on as an agreement between both parties and deposit paid in advance of the show.

Each show is organised on its own merits and therefore no circumstance may, or will be the same, this is why when entering into the Secured Bond package all parties need to be in accordance with the arrangements stipulated in the agreement and then put into action prior to shows commencement.

If the show does not meet the requirements as in (the agreed upon numbers) and that the show then need to be cancelled, should this be with less than 28 days notice then the (*other party) will again forfeit the surety by way of paying for the talents cancellation fees.

It will be up to the (*other party) to actively promote the event to all in sundry and ensure the show’s success, BrokerrocheR will not be acting as a promoter in this instance, this responsibility will fall upon the (*other party), although BrokerrocheR will promote the event through it’s normal channels of social media & website activity.

The thing I like to recommend is, Work out what you can afford and then leave the rest to BrokerrocheR,

Prices for all of the above packages are available, By simply calling or emailing BrokerrocheR for a quotation. The variances for pricing of shows is depend upon the talent chosen,timing, location, distance travelled, day of the week & month of the year, once this has been submitted to BrokerrocheR we can then give you a quote on your particular show.

With any of the above packages you can also have as part of the event.

Hamper raffles, These can be obtained through one of the panel shows sponsors in Hamperworld, these Hampers can be purchased at a set fee from Hamperworld and all profits made from the sale of these tickets goes straight to assisting you raising funds for your chosen charity, event, club or sporting organisation.

The same thing applies from a memorabilia perspective, I can organise for another of the sponsors of the panel shows Legends & Heroes to turn up with a whole range of music & sporting memorabilia at NO CHARGE, you make monies only off what is sold after reaching the reserve, if it doesn't sell you don't pay for it, and the pieces that do sell you take the profit over and above the reserve. this means even more monies for your charity, event, club or sporting organisation.

So now there is more reason than ever to invite BrokerrocheR along to your next event.

Go to the contact us page and we'll call or email you straight back, then we can start planning for your next event.