That's Good for Footy is just one example of what BrokerrocheR can do in a LIVE format.

BrokerrocheR also has as part of it's panel shows experience the "That's Good For Sport" & "That's Good for Cricket" shows.

We have a vast array of talent on board, any of which we can secure for your next event or function. If you would like to peruse the talent available to you, simply go to the tab marked "Talent" to make your choice.

The panel shows we do give clients whom want to be invloved in marketing & promoting  themselves the exposure they want here & now, at the cold face. Your brand, image and business can speak to a captive audience, each sponsors business acts like a pop up shop, Which effectively means we become a travelling billboard for these clients taking them to places and people they would normally never get to go to.

Sponsorship, Advertising, Marketing & Promotional activity are all part of what we provide for the client/sponsor.

We give clients the opportunity to be involved in the LIVE Footy, Cricket & Sports panel shows we conduct.

We give our clients the opportunity to brand and market themselves to our LIVE audiences, these opportunities can happen in number of ways, For example we can publicy refer to speak of and sometimes even endorse their products.

This can be done through anyone of the AFL players, Australian Cricketers, Comedians, Celebrities, Commentators, Personalities & other assorted Talent we have on the shows thus giving the client brand recognition of their product, brand or image to the attendees of the show.

We offer opportunities for promotional activity with Samplings, Giveaways, Product launches, branding and most importantly sales.

So if you would like to know more simply drop us a line or give us a call and let us make your business work for you.